Let us introduce you to Amina Falali, a 16-year-old Moroccan beauty with a promising future and a bright, cheery personality. She’s good looking, great at household chores and sure to make your life a dream. She’s being sold dirt cheap, all you have to do is sleep with her and the Moroccan government will give her to you!  That’s right… FREE! Unfortunately Amina now lies in a box underground, but order now and they’ll send you a complimentary set of steak knives, along with a brochure of other woman just waiting for you.

It seems this princess was never to know the life she was meant to have. Last year, Amina was raped by Mr. Mustafa Fallaw, some ten years her senior, on her way home from school. She had just celebrated her 15th birthday. Seeking to save the small shred of dignity left, she took it to courts who “suggested” she marry her rapist to save face (Other reports state her mother convinced the rapists family to force Mr. Fallaw into the marriage as Amina would no longer be a desirable prospect due to her loss of virginity). Pressured by the government, her parents and community, Amina entered the marriage only to endure a year of rape and torture at the hand of her rapist/husband. Finally Amina decided if the courts weren’t going to give her dignity, she’d do it herself, and committed suicide via rat poison in March this year.

Think about this for a second: Your 15 year old daughter is walking home from School. On the way she meets a 26 year old man who shoves her in the bushes and brutally rapes her, stealing the virginity she had been saving for someone who loved her. You take it to the courts who order her to marry her rapist, turning her worst nightmare into your son-in-law. For the next year everytime you see your daughter she has a new black eye and disfiguring cut added to her smile. The energetic personality and sparkle in her eyes has been replaced by a grey cloud of numbness, leaving an empty shell of the child you once held in your hands. And then, one day you’re delivered a package – Her lifeless 16-year-old body laying on the doorstep of your white picket suburban home.

Amina was an everyday, beautiful Moroccan girl with a bright future. Her only crime was that she was born in a country that allows a rapist to go free if they marry their victim. Amina, We’re sorry and heart-broken at the meal life served you, if only we would have opened our eyes to your plight instead of arguing about Apple vs Android perhaps we could have given you the life you deserved.


P.S. What’s amazing is that most of us are more shocked by the “Hypothetical” story than we are the real one.